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Dedicated to the enlightenment and advocacy of all marriages regardless of religion, and nationality.

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Lead Coach

Ginikanwa Adaeze Ukoha, founder of AIM

US certified Marriage and Relationship Counselor. I am very passionate about love and dedicate my energy to the enlightenment of marriages. 
My purpose is to teach people relationship skills, and help them gain insight into their problems. When I help a couples heal the rift between them and become passionate friends, I believe that I am bringing them closer to God.
Married with 2 lovely daughters.

Abuja TIMFA Alumni 

Contact me for Counseling and mentoring training.


Marriage Mentor & Relationship Coach
Advanced Mentorship


Couples and Family Therapy Diploma.

Our Goal

Our goal is driven by the theme “fighting to win in your marriage” where we create a community for people who are passionate about promoting healthy marriages and supporting those in crisis. We want our children to grow up in world where healthy, godly marriages are the norm.

Our Why

AIM was created out of a passion for love, relationships and marriage. It is committed to helping couples and individuals overcome martial challenges while building and sustaining enlightened and healthy marriages. 

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What you will gain from AIM

Counseling Services

Onsite and Online

Premarital Counseling
Couples Therapy
Family Therapy
Individual Counseling​​​​​​​

Daily Reminders

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Healthy Relationships with self, God and others. 

Researched based Worksheets

Email (On request)

Use the worksheets to learn more about yourself, your spouse and your marriage. ​​​​​​​

Practical ways to invest in your marriage

Email and Blog

Take a practical step toward building the marriage God wants for you! 

Motivational Quotes

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Motivational quotes to encourage you through the tough times.

Podcast with AIM

Podcast channels

Marriage and relationship Stories and conversations.  ​​​​​​​


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